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There is a deep valley in California, the deepest in the United States, where a vast arid landscape flanked by two massive mountain ranges, looming 14,000-feet above sea level, appears as if time has stood still. Massive boulders lie scattered on the valley floor at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, like marbles from a prehistoric giant’s game.

Bishop IS Wild

The wild and wonderful Owens River has been a year-round, world-class fishing destination for more than 100-years. In the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada the tall mountain peaks and miles of trails have beckoned hikers from around the world for decades. Today this untamed landscape is also a winter mecca for bouldering, rock climbing, and trail running. There’s ample space and opportunity for biking, hiking, motor-touring, or just simply relaxing. It’s wild how much there is to do here.

Bishop IS Warm

In the winter when snow blankets the Sierra and pummels Mammoth Mountain, a mere 45-minute drive up the hill, Bishop is the small town with a big backyard that is bathed in sunshine with average temperatures in the 50s. Treat yourself to a dip in Keough’s Hot Springs, a rustic resort, just south of town, that’s been around since 1919.

Bishop IS Colorful

From the glowing tones of yellow, orange, gold, and magenta when the leaves turn in Fall to the vibrant colors of wildflowers in Spring to the vivid colors of the setting sun on ephemeral clouds, color is everywhere in this large and luscious landscape.

Bishop IS Magnificent

The Eastern Sierra has some of the most topographically diverse and beautiful landscapes on the continent, which is why it is one of the most photographed regions in our country! It still has incredibly dark, clear skies and the amazing spectacle of the Milky Way and an intensely sparkling, starry night sky is a magnificent sight to behold.

Bishop IS Welcoming

Long before settlers and gold miners came to the Owens Valley the indigenous people of this land lived here for thousands of years. The Numu, which means people, called this broad fertile valley, Payahǖǖnadǖ—the Place of Flowing Water. Today, guests from around the world are welcomed to this charming western town with high-speed access, lodging for every budget and dining for every taste. Be sure to stop by the Bishop Information Center and say “hi”.


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