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Collaboration of arts and artists has always been a feature of vibrant cultural communities and Bishop is no different from the great art cities of the world. Artists convene to discuss art and challenge the status quo, merchants offer avenues for exhibition and promotion, and collectors search out trends.

Bishop is one of the many small towns across the USA that has come to epitomize cultural coolness with a sense of family values. And our guests tell us that it is always inspiring.

One special time of year that is usually more art-centric than any other time – is Holiday Time. Homes and businesses are decorated with lights and festive creations. Artistic crafts are sought as gifts for loved ones. Friends and families come together over good food and fun.

Art is inherent in everything we do during the holidays. Better still, it is also part of our daily lives throughout the year and shapes us individuals and a community. There’s always something artistic, creative, and inspiring to enjoy in Bishop.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to Art Matters in Bishop here. Find out more about all the art happenings and opportunities and plan your weekend getaways around Bishop’s annual art events, or just make sure to be on the lookout for art and save some time for an Eastside art adventure.

Whether it’s a three-day music festival, an open-air art walk through downtown, an arts & crafts fair, a visit to the workshop of a modern art furniture maker, a stroll through a gallery showing works by local artists, attending a social painting class or photography workshop, listening to a local band at a local café or watching a theatrical performance – art is everywhere.

Art exhibit. Bishop. CA

Art exhibit at local venue

There are a number of dedicated arts facilities that range from non-profit arts organizations to private galleries to tribal, cultural, and historical centers. These venues have well-appointed exhibition spaces that show works on a full-time or short-term basis.

A number of retailers specialize in art, craft, and jewelry. Most of the works sold in these locally owned and operated businesses are created by these entrepreneurs, but they also provide an outlet for other resident, local artists and artisans.

Businesses whose core business is not art, but is in food service or retail goods, also provide space and opportunity for local artists to perform, show, and/or sell their works. Fine art, craft, music, comedy, poetry and storytelling enhance the ambience of the coffee shops, brewery, bookstores and retailers as well as provide economic benefit for both the artists and merchants. There’s no shortage of musical talent in Bishop and many musicians moonlight with bands, as solo artists, and DJs in venues throughout town.

In addition to these art exhibits and performances, there are wonderful educational opportunities offered by the galleries and studios in Bishop. Regular classes and periodic workshops are offered in a wide array of art and craft disciplines.

Take look through our comprehensive guide to Art Matters in Bishop here. Call us on (760) 873-8405 or come into our Visitor Center at 690 N. Main Street in Bishop for maps, brochures and answers to your creative questions. We stock a wonderful selection of locally produced art and craft too.

Support local artists and crafters. You never know … you may just get an early original of the next big thing.

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