Owens River Gorge

The Owens River Gorge is a deep, steep-sided canyon about 10 miles long located northwest of Bishop. It is a world-class destination for rock climbing and California’s most concentrated sport-climbing area with nearly 1000 routes in addition to being a favorite fishing area. The gorge offers fun and adventure all year long for climbers, anglers and hikers.

Climb the ORG! Learn to climb with a guide or experienced climbers, improve your climbing, or just check it off on your must-do list. Once you’ve done it, this gorge will be the place you’ll want to return to over and over again.

Fishing here is equivalent to a high country expedition all in one day and without the extra gear for getting there and back. It feels remote, it’s quiet, it’s rugged and you’ll be back in town by sunset for a beer and boasting session.

Solitary anglers, groups of climbers, and families with their furry friends looking for a change of pace and scenery will all find that special something on a trip down the Owens Gorge.


Bishop, CA 93514