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Take A Hike, off the Beatin’ path!

The state of California is beginning to reopen, and Camp-California is excited to help you get outdoors and get exploring! As some places remain closed, now is the time to explore something and somewhere new. Visit new places and make new memories.

Camping, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities offer the ability to self-isolate, social distance, and get outdoors. Outdoor activities, whether it be exercise or recreation, are proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels and can be very refreshing for the soul.

Who has the right of way?

Trail hierarchy is typically horses* first, followed by hikers, followed by bikers. Always be aware of what other travelers are allowed on a trail so you know who and what to watch out for!

Yield to Uphill Traffic
Since traveling uphill is far more difficult than downhill, people traveling uphill should always be given the right of way. Of course, some uphill hikers may use downhill traffic as an opportunity to rest and will notify you to keep moving if this is the case.

Stay to the Right, Pass on the Left
Think of the trail like a road. If you are passing someone, a polite “On your left!” or “Hello, we’re going to pass on your left.”

Tech on the Trail
Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when checking your phone or device. Whether you’re stopping to change a song, respond to a text, or take a picture, be sure you aren’t holding up others on the trail.

Practice Social Distancing, share the road
When hitting the trails with friends, you may need to social distance within your group. Be sure to share the road with others.

Leave No Trace
Littering is prohibited and the best trail practices state if you bring it in, take it out with you.

Be Friendly, Courteous and Have Fun
Be respectful to all other around you and follow the trail etiquette tips. A friendly “Hello” or even just a smile and wave goes a long way out on the trails and helps create a positive environment for all!

What type of Trail Traveler are you?

Bike Trails

  • Ride on the right, pass on the left
  • Speed is 15 mph
  • Slow down and prepare to stop when others are around
  • Make noise well before passing
  • Look around, signal before passing or stopping

Walking & Hiking Trails

  • Practice social distancing, do not take up the whole trail
  • Be aware of cyclists and horses
  • Yield to horses
  • If going downhill, yield to hikers coming up
  • Practice proper leashed pet etiquette
  • Keep voice and or music down

Horse Trails

Stay on trails to minimize impact

  • Leave all gates the way you found them, open or closed
  • Select rest stops that will not impede other traffic
  • Tie your horse up properly if leaving

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