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There’s something about older buildings that stirs our soul and raises our spirit. Maybe it’s because generations have enjoyed them. That they connect us to the past. And yet they can’t be stuck there… they need one foot in the present. Re-imagined and re-energized. For a magical family experience that does just that and more, plan a movie night at the Bishop Twin Theatre when you visit.

Not Just A Theatre… But A Landmark

For more than a century, the Bishop Twin Theatre has stood on Main Street. But the history goes much further back. Harry Holand helped spearhead the entertainment culture which he began in 1910 at the Bishop’s Opera House followed by the Gem Theatre. After a fire destroyed the Opera House on January 6th, 1924, he quickly moved to the present-day Bishop Twin Theatre location and re-opened in March of the same year. Over the years, he continued to expand and make the theatre a community focal point which included War Bond Rallies for WWII. For a deeper dive into its history, read our BISHOP TWIN MOVIE THEATER – THEN AND NOW.

Latest Chapter Inspired By Harry

Even after Harry passed away, the Bishop Twin Theatre continued to operate with more remodels happening. In 2015, the current owners and long-time residents Holly and Larry Mullanix purchased the building with a vision to rejuvenate the theatre to the way Harry would’ve loved to see it. Not just restoring it to its glory days. But also injecting modern amenities you find in present-day theatres for watching films.

Both Modern AND Classic

The lobby is refurbished with an eye and nod to the past. From keeping the signs to having some of the original seats, you feel the magic of what made theatres special. Adults will feel like children again. The smell of freshly popped popcorn and a well-stocked concession stand will make children giddy. But as you step into the actual theatre, it’s all the bells and whistles you’d want for a viewing experience. High quality leather chairs you’d find in the big cinemas. A digital projector to show films as well as a big surround sound system. All this soul and fun for a fraction of the price compared to the huge nondescript warehouse-sized theatres in big cities.

While the landscape of the Sierra Nevada will always be the main attraction, we highly recommend checking out the Bishop Twin Theatre one night. To see what’s being shown, visit the Bishop Twin Theatre homepage.