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Like a family Christmas cookie recipe, Bishop has all the ingredients to create the perfect holiday vacation for everyone. You’ll create special memories. Enjoy small-town culture. And most of all, have oodles and oodles of outdoorsy fun for all ages. Still on the fence? Here’s some ideas on why you should visit Bishop during the Holiday season.

Round Yon Visitors For Good Weather

We just can’t say this enough. It’s true the mountains surrounding Owens Valley are covered in snow, but the valley itself and the town of Bishop are snow-free. On average, Bishop receives only EIGHT inches of snow per year. Yes, EIGHT! Even on those VERY rare occasions it does snow, the warm sunshine melts it away quickly.

Sun Lovers Rejoice

Even more good news is on average the sun shines 300 days per year in town, more than even Los Angeles. While the average highs sit in the low 50’s in December, it feels much warmer in the sun due to the high desert climate. This is a great time for you to enjoy the sun-drenched outdoorsy activities in Bishop’s big backyard like bouldering, fishing, trail running, road cycling or even a hike. Or just slow down the pace and take in the many, many Christmas-time activities.    

Small Town Fun Without The Stress

Speaking of Holiday fun, another reason to visit this time of year is that you can experience the festivities in a more relaxed environment. Instead of battling your way through traffic and shopping mania, take in the small-town ambience that so many of us need this time of year. Enjoy a good ole fashioned stroll down Main Street, decorated in its best holiday garb. Sip hot cocoa at one of the many coffee shops. But most of all, let those stresses float away via a good soak at Keoughs Hot Springs.

As you can see, from perfect weather to small-town charm, Bishop and its big backyard are here to offer up a nice holiday season you won’t soon forget.