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There are two types of Juneuary. For those living in the Pacific Northwest, the month of June typically serves up gloomy weather. The kind that resembles the rainy and brooding days you’d expect in January. On the flipside, the Eastern Sierra is home to another kind of “Juneuary” … one that you’ll love. Due to its location, Old Man Winter normally takes a quick pause in January. That provides visitors and locals plenty of sun and even warm temps to go along with it. The question then is, “What are the best things to do in Bishop CA in January?”

It’s Boulderin’ Time

If The Thing from Marvel’s Fantastic Four lived in Bishop, he’d yell “It’s Boulderin’ Time!” In the summer months, the sunny boulder fields can be like an Easy Bake Oven. But in January, the temps hover in the mid 50’s and sometimes even warmer making mid-day bouldering sessions pleasant. One of the legendary spots pros and amateurs both enjoy visiting this time of year are the Buttermilks. Located at the foot of the monstrous Sierra, this boulder field looks as if a giant was playing a game of marbles and just left them out. For more info about the Buttermilks and other popular bouldering routes, visit our Bouldering homepage.

Gorge Yourself On Some Gorge Time

More of a fishing enthusiast or a rock-climbing purist? No problem! Venture over to the Owens River Gorge. Located a stone’s throw from Bishop, you’ll find the 10-mile-long steep sided canyon. Within this canyon, there’s over 500 climbs most near vertical, ranging from 5.8 all the way up to some in the 5.10-5.11 range.

Anglers are given the opportunity to fish this section of the river all year long. Due to its quiet locale, it’s like a high-country expedition except you don’t have to carry extra gear to get to it. You’ll also have the opportunity to come back and enjoy a frosty pint or a world class meal.

Saddle Up… Onto Your Bike

When it comes to road cycling, Bishop’s big backyard is a cyclist’s dream. The roads are paved. They’re lightly trafficked, and the scenery is magnificent. Although surrounded by the mighty High Sierra to the west and the White Mountains to the east, Owens Valley sits at about 4,000 feet above sea level. This translates to perfect conditions for biking. To learn more about our road biking and possible routes to enjoy, be sure to check out our Road Biking homepage.

As you can see, the best things to do in Bishop CA in January translates to ALL season fun. Or as we like to call it, “Juneuary” is your chance to have your cake and eat it too in a mountain getaway. Be it snow-free or an all-weather variety vacation, Bishop’s big backyard is THE place to visit in winter.