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World-Class Bouldering in Bishop

You have found it! Possibly the greatest location for rock climbing and bouldering in California, America and maybe even the world! From careful beginners to crags that challenge the pros, the climbing opportunities are diverse and many. Start at the Happy and Sad Boulders, head to Buttermilk Country or Alabama Hills, we’ve got you covered. This is just a brief introduction to the opportunities for rock climbing in the area.

This is a great article about bouldering in the Bishop Area!

Guide & Map to the Bouldering in Bishop – Mountain Project


Happy & Sad Boulders

Happy and Sad boulders reached by going north on Highway 6 from bishop and turning west on Five Bridges Road. Follow 5 Bridges road for approx. 1 mile and Sad Boulder is on your left. Happy Boulder is basically the same area, from 5 Bridges Road, follow Chalk Bluff Road for about 1.5 miles and the climbing area is on the North side of the Road.

>> Check out more information on what makes it great!



Buttermilk Country

Buttermilk Country, AKA “the Buttermilks”, is found about 13 miles west of Bishop. Take Highway 168 (West Line Street) for 12 miles and take the Buttermilk Road into Buttermilk Country. There you will find a wide range of challenges for everyone that is looking for great challenges. Bring allyour gear – mountain bike or dirt bike, binoculars and bird book, climbing shoes and crash pad, a camper van or tent. This is a magical place, see why

Are you willing to stand up for our climbing areas?

As climbers, we have a personal stake in the health of our outdoor landscapes – without them, we have no place to climb. But as our sport continues to grow in popularity, we are loving our climbing areas to death. Join us in protecting our outdoor landscapes and the climbing experience we love. Making a few minor adjustments to your climbing practice is easy to do and will help protect climbing areas for the long haul.


  • Be considerate of other users
  • Park and camp in designated areas
  • Pack out all trash, crash pads, and gear
  • Dispose of human waste properly
  • Stay on trails whenever possible
  • Respect wildlife, sensitive plants, soils, and cultural resources
  • Place gear and pads on durable surfaces
  • Clean up chalk and tick marks
  • Minimize group size and noise
  • Learn the local ethics for the places you climb
  • Respect regulations and closures
  • Use, install and replace bolts and fixed anchors responsibly
  • Be an upstander, not a bystander

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The Reluctant Highballer

The Reluctant Highballer

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6½ Reasons Why Bishop Rocks

6½ Reasons Why Bishop Rocks

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