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A Passage in Time

A Living Time Capsule

To really understand how much has changed or stayed the same in Bishop, a passionate father and son duo, Alex and Joe Pollini, joined forces to create this Future Forward Project. The goal was to catalog what Bishop has today and match it seamlessly with historic shots from the 1970’s and as far back as they could go. And at the same time, encouraging community groups to continue this project into the future. 

It is entitled “A Passage Through Time” and designed as a time capsule to be added to over time. The idea is to capture imagery of current Bishop, then cross-dissolve those current photos to historic photos in the same location. In several years, we would go back and recapture those locations to show change over time. This video is the culmination of hours of hard work put together to showcase what Main Street and its streets were and what they have become. The result is magical. 


How Did This Project Come To Be

The idea sprouted from a simple truth: questions spark curiosity. Countless visitors, intrigued by the past, would inquire about the old diner in the town center or wonder if the place on Main Street once served as a gas station. Local elders, steeped in history, were reliable sources for these answers, some of these stories passed down through generations. Yet, with the passing of each individual, many of these memories faded into oblivion.

Recognizing this, it became apparent that Bishop needed to capture the present. Documenting these stories would ensure that future generations could relish the tales and insights that might otherwise be lost with the passage of time.

Bishop Is More Than a Town

Bishop has never been just a town. It’s a living repository of countless memories and experiences that have left an enduring mark on the hearts and minds of both visitors and locals. From its very beginning, this town and its expansive “backyard” have served as the epicenter of cherished moments. A gateway to adventure. A place where families return year after year to continue the tradition and pass on the magic to new generations.

“A Passage in Time” is a tribute to these indelible memories, ensuring that they stand the test of time and remain alive through the ages.

Buckle your seat belts and take a ride into the past

The town of Bishop has been around since the 1860’s. Born from the need to feed the booming mining town of Aurora, Nevada to the north with beef. Since the early twentieth century, the footprint of Bishop hasn’t changed much except for the addition of pavement and a sprinkling of neon signs. All thanks in part to 99% of the land in Inyo County being publicly owned.

Over the years, our primary industry may have changed. But this video showcases that over its history, the character and charm have remained so that even now you can still enjoy a slice of small-town Americana.

Many Businesses Have Stood The Test Of Time

As you’ll see, most of the buildings and thoroughfares have pretty much stayed the same while most of the businesses have closed or moved over the years. Some though have stood the test of time. Here’s a small sampling of the ones we notice. Are there any others you can point out in this film?

Rusty’s Saloon

To call Rusty’s a dive bar isn’t doing it justice. This is the local watering hole that has stood the test of time. Where both residents and visitors alike can mingle in a comfortable environment and enjoy a frosty pint. It’s the perfect pair of well-worn boots after a long day hiking, fishing, or ranching.

Bishop Twin Theatre

While the theatre has been around longer, since 1925 it has stood in its current location as Bishop’s landmark. For a deeper dive into its history, read our BISHOP TWIN MOVIE THEATER – THEN AND NOW. While the outside has remained very much the same, the interior has been refurbished with a keen eye to the past as well as modernized where it needed (like the projector and seats). We highly recommend checking out theBishop Twin Theatre.

This Is Just The Beginning

“A Passage in Time” isn’t just a one-time project. Rather, it’s been created in a way that budding photographers and videographers from countless generations can leave their mark on it. An opportunity to infuse new images, ensuring the narrative remains relevant and dynamic. Whether it’s your first viewing or your hundredth, consider bookmarking it to witness its evolution over the years. This isn’t just a video. It’s truly a journey that resonates with the very soul of Bishop.