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Museums of the Eastern Sierra and beyond

Where to go. What to see. How to get there.

We have museums! Up and down US Highway 395 in the Eastern Sierra and in adjacent communities near Death Valley and nearby Nevada there are museums that protect the artifacts, stories, and history of our region. Stories of the people who came before, the First Nations and the traditional ways; the explorers and adventurers who braved the unknown; the movie stars and makers of fantasy and fiction; the scientists, writers, artists, and environmentalists; and all the strange and wonderful tales of life in the Eastern Sierra are here to learn and experience in modern museums and old ghost towns.

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Visitors who journey along this scenic stretch of California highway, and our locals, tell us of the awe and inspiration they feel from time spent in these delightful museums. Some come away with a deeper understanding of life in the old days, others find fulfillment in the expressions of art, and most simply enjoy the moments of wonder and fun.

The list of museums (including a few points of historical interest) in this guide covers a large variety of subjects; it’s as diverse as the area it covers is large. From rocket science to dinosaur fossils and movie magic to ghost towns, and a whole lot more, there’s something to thrill all lovers of learning. Many of these marvelous museums are located along US-395 from Ridgecrest to Mono Lake. A few cluster in the heart of the desert in Death Valley and the Amargosa Valley; and some lonely outposts long for visitors to see their attractions in the outback of Nevada.

Because of the size and topography of the area some museums are closed or not recommended during the months of extreme weather experienced in the Eastern Sierra. The deserts are very hot in summer, and snow restricts access to some locations in winter. There’s so much to see and many opportunities to see these, so plan your visits according to time, topic, and temperature. We can help you answer the questions, “what, where, and when?” and get you on a road to amazing discoveries and incredible learning.

Call us (760) 873-8405, email us , and come in and see us at 690 N. Main Street in Bishop. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer your questions, provide maps, give directions, and help you make the best decisions to have a good time exploring and learning about the history of our big backyard.

Road Trips

Map of Museums of the Eastern Sierra and beyond

Here are a few route suggestions for museum road trips based on subjects and geographic area. Along the way you will find many other interesting things to see and do. Take your time and spend a couple of days adventuring and experiencing an Eastern Sierra Road Trip. Make sure to plan according to season and distance; and book lodging or camping for overnight stays.

Make Bishop your base for great lodging, camping, dining, and entertainment as you cruise the highways and byways and learn all about the natural and cultural history of this region.

The distances given in the routes below are from first to last museum on the list. Factor in your total travel time from the beginning and end of your road trip. All trips can be done in reverse order. Do all, some, or spend your time in just one as you travel through the Eastern Sierra. It’s big. Come often.

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