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Wildlife Near Bishop

Wildlife Near Bishop

Wildlife Near Bishop

Wildlife Viewing & Photography

The vast open space surrounding Bishop makes the region a mecca for wildlife viewing enthusiasts!  Common sightings include:  Mule Deer, Tule Elk and Wild Mustangs.  On occasion, you may also see Big Horn Sheep, Coyotes, Jack Rabbits, Bears, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, and Marmots.  It is important to remember that all wild animals must be respected for their safety and yours.  Never get too close and never feed the wild animals.  Do bring binoculars and a longer lens for your camera.  Deer, bears and other wildlife regularly cross roads and highways so always be on the lookout and drive carefully.

Bear attacks are very rare, but you should definitely be “bear aware” when hiking or camping in the high country.  Do not leave food or trash in your vehicle or campsite.  Here is a really good blog on bear awareness. Store food in bear proof canisters (available at USFS visitor centers).

The Eastern Sierra also offers amazing bird watching opportunities.  Hawks, Harriers, Osprey and Eagles are regularly sighted.  You’ll also find Northern Flicker, Brewer’s Blackbird and Eurasian Collared Dove and many more beautiful species. If you hit it right, you can catch the white pelican migration.



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