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What’s Your Season?

Click on a Season card above for our suggestions on what to do and where to do it that’s just right for the season.

Ideas for outdoor adventure breaks and great experiences in our big backyard

On the east side of the mighty Sierra Nevada is a deep, beautiful valley known to the first people of this region as Payahuunadü, which means “land of flowing water.” Today it is more commonly referred to as the Owens Valley.

Sweeping views. Big mountains. Fresh air. Sunshine. Burbling streams. Blossoming woodlands. Trails that weave through alpine forests and around sparkling blue lakes. Rivers and streams that create verdant paths down rocky canyons and across high-desert plains. Boulders that can be climbed. Waters that can be fished. A canopy of stars that shines at night, brighter than at almost any other accessible place on earth. Home to the planet’s oldest living things. It sounds like paradise. It is. And we call it our big backyard.

Bishop is world renown for many outdoor activities such as fishing, rock climbing, trail running, and landscape photography. It’s also an amazing place for cycling, off-highway driving, stargazing, and road tripping. Plus, there are a lot of great learning experiences in the form of natural and cultural history. In our big backyard, you only need an hour for a rewarding outdoor experience, but if you have more, we can open a door to the vast playground that is our big backyard.

Pick your Path

How much time do you have?

The time-based itineraries above give a few suggestions for activities within a set time frame. If you find yourself in Bishop with an hour or four to spare, this is the resource that can quickly and accurately get you out and about without wasting a minute. Click on the time you have available and find detailed info on what you can experience.

As always … ask us if you any questions. Call us at (760) 873-8405 or come on into our visitor center at 690 N. Main Street in Bishop. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can give you maps and brochures and help you make an informed decision.

Go on … get on out there!

Go Road Tripping

Supermoon over Mt. Whitney. Mike Shaw

Eastern Sierra Tour

The highest, lowest, hottest, oldest, saltiest, rockiest, earliest, purest, strangest, loneliest, and wildest 555-mile road trip in America.

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Winter Motorcycle Rides

There’s no end of fun to be had on a motorcycle in and around the White Mountains.

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OHVing around Bishop

The valley is wide, the mountains high, and exhilarating OHV adventures are almost limitless.

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Museums Road Trip

Holidays & Special Days


Plan a trip to join in the fun and festivities during the holidays. Come to the Parade! See the Night of Lights. Take ride on the Railroad Express. Shop ’till you drop for local, hand-crafted items. Eat, drink, and be merry.

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Valentine’s Day

Here’s a smorgasbord of Valentine’s treats that you can choose from. We’ve put together a full day itinerary for leisurely lovers and amorous adventurers of food, activity, relaxation, and gift giving.

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Mule Days

It is a tradition that began in 1969 as a send-off event for local packers and outfitters to get the summer season going. Now it’s a 4-day celebration — a tremendous display of human and animal skills.

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Tri-County Fair

Labor Day Weekend: The Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair is guaranteed to be the BEST FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER. It’s a time to showcase and celebrate the talents and achievements of our local communities.

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Multi Day Trips

2 Days. 20 Images.

The Eastern Sierra is one of the most photographed regions in California. It’s a land of contrasts and opportunity. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, here’s a challenge to create a visual story worth 20,000 words.

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3 Days. Death Valley.

Death Valley is located in eastern California and has valleys, mountains, canyons, salt flats, sand dunes, and oases.  Death Valley also has almost 1,000 miles of paved and dirt roads, so is a multi-day road trip within itself.

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david vonnegut chambers

4 Days. Women’s Weekend.

When it’s time to get the girlfriends together for a long weekend of play and pampering, head for the hills. The mountains … actually!

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5 Days. Family Fun.

Pack up your toys: bicycles and skateboards, skis and toboggans, fishing gear and tennis togs, paints and sketchbooks, binoculars and cameras, pack suitable winter clothing to layer for warmth and protection, oh yeah — don’t forget the kids!

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Fun with Kids & Pets

Girl and Fish near Bishop

Teach Your Kids to Fish

Give the gift of fishing to your children (and yourself), celebrate the season, and enjoy a lifetime of happy memories.

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Camping with Kids

Camping is a great way to experience the natural world and a chance to learn new and valuable skills. It’s a fun way to connect with your kids and gives you a chance to unwind.

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image of a man with a camera holding a dog on his lap in the mountains

Dog Friendly Destination

Traveling with your canine best friend can be super rewarding, and all the outdoor spaces around Bishop make it an ideal place to bring your dog.

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