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As the snows begin to blanket the High Sierra, the most direct routes over the Sierra Nevada such as Sonora and Tioga Passes close for the winter. That doesn’t mean it’s going to add extra time to get into Bishop’s big backyard. Rather, as of now it’ll be easier for you to get here.

THREE New Non-Stop Flights

Instead of taking the scenic drive to the Eastern Sierra, you now have the opportunity to fly into Bishop Airport, also known as the Eastern Sierra Regional Airport via Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver. Each of these routes operate daily through winter giving you access to world class bouldering, climbing, skiing, and even golf at the Bishop Country Club and fishing on the Owens River.

Why Fly Into Bishop Airport

As anyone that’s skied Mammoth Mountain can tell you, it receives A LOT of snow. Nearly 600 inches of the white stuff and while Mammoth Airport is closer to the resort, over the years there’s been a higher likelihood of cancellations due to weather. Flying into Bishop allows you to get here more reliably and consistently due to the micro-climate that exists in the Owens Valley.

Get Some Thai

Normally when you think of airport food, it’s… terrible. Well, at Eastern Sierra Regional Airport this couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll find incredibly scrumptious Thai food that locals drive out for even if they aren’t flying. From Salmon Panang Curry to Mango Sticky Rice, you won’t be disappointed in the flavor explosion of the dishes being served up here. The great cuisine doesn’t stop there either. Within the small town of Bishop, you’ll find a large assortment of tasty places to dine.

What To Know

To get from the Bishop Airport to Mammoth Lakes, there will be multiple ground transportation options to choose from. For those staying in Bishop, we recommend renting a car or using Eastern Sierra Transit.

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