Buttermilk Country

Buttermilk Country is a well-known, world-class bouldering destination. It also offers so much more! The area covers 325 acres of high desert meadow harboring clear streams weaving among the rocky hills. Numerous dirt tracks and single-track trails connect for miles of hiking, trail-running, mountain biking and dirt biking in and around the hills. Plus this network of dirt roads from the early years of mining and ranching here provide wonderful OHV driving opportunities.

It’s a year-round destination and there is something for everyone here. The mountain peaks tower above the desert floor and a canopy of bright stars sparkles in the night sky like a never-ending display of brilliant fireworks. Interspersed with private and non-public utility lands, the Buttermilks basin is a huge tract allowing for a great variety of recreational activities.


The Buttermilks, California 93514


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