Lake Sabrina

Situated at over 9,000 feet above Bishop is lovely Lake Sabrina, pronounced “Suh-bry-na” by locals. Temperatures here in summer are 20-30 degrees lower than in the valley making it a perfect place for a half day summer outing. Take a hike along the trail that climbs the steep shore of the lake; swim, paddleboard, or kayak for a few refreshing hours in and on the water. Enjoy a delicious treat from the quaint and beautiful Lake Sabrina Boat Landing and Café, open and accessible by road from spring to fall each year.

*This section of road above Aspendell is closed during winter and offers excellent cross-country skiing and snowshoeing when winter snowfall is deep.

Fall is spectacular here. The grandeur of the lake and the contours of the craggy mountains are accentuated by the swaths of autumnal color where trees cling to the rocky mountainside in colorful defiance of gravity.


Lake Sabrina, California 93514


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