Pine Creek Canyon

Pine Creek canyon is a spectacular example of a steep-sided glacial canyon. It is a deep, rock scoured canyon with a huge U-shaped cirque at the head of the canyon. The sides are bounded by high, steep walls and the mouth is bordered by glacial moraines. The road to the canyon cuts through the verdant lowland of Round Valley before it weaves up this narrow canyon to the base of the huge, classic U-shaped glacial wall. A drive up this canyon near late October is a fabulous fall adventure. The valley floor glows golden as the leaves on the large cottonwood trees turn from yellow to amber while the rabbitbrush blooms its signature sunshine yellow.

This canyon has been a climbing destination for decades, and more recently it has been developed into an extensive sport climbing area. It’s also an excellent road bike ride for a good workout on the way and a fun, speedy ride down.


Pine Creek Rd, California 93514