Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada just west of Lone Pine, is one of Hollywood’s favorite filming locations. This monumental landscape provides a multitude of settings for movie backgrounds and evocative scenes. The beautiful rock formations of the hills bordered by a vast open plain rising majestically to the snow capped mountains beyond has been a prime filming location since the early 1900s.

Although only a few miles from town this 18,600-acre National Scenic Area can give one the feeling of being ‘way out there.’ Hidden coves and arches rocks with awesome views of Mt. Whitney and the Sierra Nevada can provide hours of contemplative solitude or a great place for plein-air painting. A mountain bike ride on the rough and ready trails can be challenging and exciting. A ramble around the monoliths or scramble to the top yields ever-changing views.

Developed campgrounds are plentiful providing tent camping or multi-family RV camp sites. Perching your overnight accommodations in developed campgrounds also safeguards the Scenic Area’s plants, solitude and unobstructed viewsheds.


Alabama Hills, California


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